miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2011


We can be good, we feel that saving money gives us security, we can also say, oo Good thing we live in that country '¨, As if not to live for example in Somalia were safe. Today more than ever that we do not see anything outside, even outside of disasters, and sometimes distant, both natural and those made by man. Politics, as a designation of parties, has not done any good, the money either, and even less segregation. So?
We're in this little world, seven billion human beings, not to tease, that if it is not a joke, according to what we live, this is serious, because it shows that no longer look to politicians, money or segregation, we note that in almost the last two centuries, the global policy applied, did not work. The small because they can, great because they could, they could not or would not. But the reality and beyond party politics, both globally as zonal, most humans are suffering. On the one hand they call colonialist other extremists. Who created whom, who gave the first stitch in the end for this must go back a few thousand years ago, and as we say, everything that happens is the same, except that today things are different guise, adequate each time, and the convenience. SUITABILITY, JA. Let's start there. This is a good situation, if we see that name because of past actions, present and likely to come. LIMITED TO (According to the dictionary definition that does not support who Mailing), today we see that international trade, global stock markets, their ups and crashes, the quagmire caused the current wars, just add a lot more in the darkness billions have nothing, and others who know nothing and do not even have to eat, or the famine in Somalia said. Just a year ago, an African leader said (do not want money, we want to seed). The world wants peace, food, councils real, not invented, and it is not that what else has it's own gift to those who have less, NO, not going there. Spend more than anything for theft, rape, oppression, the inequality that no one wants to match. The world needs food, materials such as gold, uranium, platinum, oil, also technology, roads, schools, transportation, and more. Since small countries can not and do not want to think big, which is being achieved is mimicry in our societies, because what happens in Macro, Micro happens. We begin in micro since we can not Macro. Let's start with us, we steal, we do not gain advantage, help, go through this short life in a dignified manner, so that we can little by little be called human beings.

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