miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011


Now the U.S., Europe hurries to take action for them not to be soaffected.Europe is shocked and angry, because Germany does not put money.And the German government says it will not finance the waste of others, with the taxpayers' money.
In the East, other great powers, without all the screaming, and hysteria, look, and involved more quiet.And others who are colonies of the West, East, are looking at this as a movie repeatedly, of the many that end badly.Africa, always the same. Australia and its area, protected by their colonizers. South America, like many, we are told in another film as repeated, that nothing will affect us, sure, they do not (as agents), if their governments are owned by large above (But its population?).But more than six billion who have nothing, and nothing will, but no fix, that'll be damned.
U.S. forgets that much of his wealth, obtained from the wars in which he participated, taking riches of Europe and the Orient. Europe, forget the wealth acquired from all over the world, looted with impunity. From the time of the large settlements of the famous diamonds of Africa to the Middle East oil, not to mention the wealth that still emerging from Latin America, without any control, and with a lot of royalties, for Companies that have installed exploit, gold, uranium, oil, timber, fish products, ETC. ETC. ETC ... ... ... ...
I think it's a bit hypocritical to talk that Germany does not want to finance anything, when the world, This world, called the Third World, we financed everything.And with what resources, Germany is again raised, many of them in the U.S., like Japan, say two large icons, but there are many more.
Today, major corporations, are reflected in its financial statements, as well as banks. Tell me?, All these great and excessive profits, which, they have them in a safe place, they can not go back to overturn the market, from which they came.If the missing money, as we said, what they do. But there is a big problem, as I say to the Americans, the French, British, Dutch, etc.., Who must live with less, and you will not have many luxuries. Ja Ja, who tells them and imposed. So with this excuse to tighten each end up in a parody, in which the well off, it will continue to pay the rest.But his people also, because we live in the same country, Earth
Lords Presidents of Major Countries in East, Middle East, West and Asia: Not many, few and you can see the faces quickly cease to be puppets, go down in history, as great heroes, stop being overwhelmed by the power of money, and govern for the people which elected them.And do not forget to give back, giving the poor puppets, Middle East and other Third World countries, the strength, that do not continue to torture the souls of so many millions.
I do not think greed stop, do not think they put their hands in the heart, if not done in thousands of years, because you should do it now.
But they must have complete certainty that not only the poor and destitute, they will claim, are also doing great minds in the world.
It must be an end point, and give back the cards. 
So not to continue tearing the soul of so many millions.

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