sábado, 24 de diciembre de 2011

A Benevolent God and the Rulers of the World

After a time, God saw that the men believed in one God, in him, but to the great differences among human beings, created several departments. So thought it would be that way everyone is happy.
Among those departments, and advised by his assistant, I think Catholicism, and gave them great power, except for pedophile priests, good priests left, and gave them the power to profess to Humans, and that confession honest, they were forgiven on the spot.
Taking advantage of this miracle which we have, by this means I urge all world leaders, are genocide, state terrorism, degenerate, and so on. A traveling from anywhere in the world, to a Catholic church, and that are close, they go away.
Thus, since the year 2012, everyone will be forgiven, and be sure not going to go to jail. {0}And with that forgiveness, and redemption in his soul, BEGIN WORK HONESTLY WITHOUT PROBLEMS, THAT WE HAVE A  HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS 2012

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