sábado, 24 de diciembre de 2011

How God Shaped the World

There is an Argentine story, very old, going to know where it comes from. Will adapt to the world.
God and an assistant, an expert in the formation of the universe, were working after the formation of galaxies, the formation of solar systems and worlds.
Then to do, passed through our solar system, and God said to his assistant, wait here lose a few minutes. The assistant says, Lord, there's nothing here, only barren planets.
God said, wait, look at that little is there. We will give way. And so began to work. He gave mountains, fertile lands, many minerals, lots of water, etc..
The assistant angry, claiming that he was much that was putting on the planet, when others had nothing. God tells yen patience. After completion of the subject property, I think humans.
Again, the complaint grows his Deputy, Lord this is too much for this insignificant planet, these beings are going to have a lot and little elsewhere.
And God angry with so much criticism, he says. Hey stop criticizing, I know what I do, I finish distributing the Humans, and then wait until you put to the Rulers

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