martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011


There are many ways to create panic, do not need a war to be declared as such. Today we are carrying out many actions in a number of diverse fronts all over the world, let alone where the bombs and clashes are real. Leaving aside the failure of many powers, which was more than that, it was a letting be, because the situation was known, but the memory go back to the U.S. mortgage dirty, no one knew they were selling this junk to the world, lies , knew very well, both sellers and takers, but it was a way to bring money to this power, and delay in time they would take action. In fact no one complained, everyone put money before and after. Today is going on otherwise the same, and the worst part is that this line with the definition of STATE TERRORISM AND ECONOMIC TERRORISM. This problem, which nobody is exempt, is taking shape in the different stages all over the world, and among them, look at each eye, are seeing wealthy leave their positions, and if they do not set, are taking time to see who pays less in this economic disaster. We said that the money was gone, the factories either, and even fewer countries. But once, remember that today more openly than before, take positions on weak countries but with great resources. Real wars of the past, and even the Cold War, killed countless deaths that could have been avoided. The actors of today are nothing more than the usual, not conforming to the old division of the world, are going for more, changing the rules including the final total will change again. Remember only one of the world, Latin America, and in the 30's, had countries like Argentina as economic powers in supplies, but in those years started coups, then cooled, and several countries including England, takes economic dominance , and what happens?, USA, begins to pay for that as a result most of Latin America had military governments. Today tends to the same, not coups, but with economic domination and extortion, to search all over the world the resources that continue to be funded. But it is making a mistake, everyone who brought some value to each sector of the world are owners, but they are not so easily. But the added value that these countries have made much progress, and put something that should be carried, I see it well. But in this new era, take everything, not good. All these comings and goings, are giving too much fear in all societies throughout the world in some small, loose and delivered to their own and the great, to negotiate better. Art that are inducing panic which is what is called state terrorism or Economic. If you loose, do not need magic, the kids know they have an added value, not own, which must pay but do not want more poverty and the great, they already know where they put their aggregates, it only needs with an agreement, determine a new Status Quo, more permanent, without causing much damage to follow

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