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Clarification of Chapter IV
It's called dyslexia (Greek δυσ- difficulty, anomaly and λέξις speech or speech ) to the difficulty in       Reading  that precludes their correct understanding.Although the term is conventionally applied to the difficulty for a correct spelling , in this case the proper medical term is to digrafía . In more technical terms, inpsychology and psychiatry dyslexia is defined as a discrepancy between learning potential and the performance level of a subject, without there being any problem, whether sensory, physical, motor or educational need (as the DSM-IV ).      
1.      Already in chapter 4, Margaret Hilda Thatcher We named. In the South Atlantic conflict with Argentina, which was never declared war. It was difficult to read, military dictators, put the North, and to read that they gave the order to attack the dictatorship of the islands for England to have an excuse to put a military base, and also cover domestic political problems after the usual, in only fifteen days, pulled a nonexistent army, like rats by tight. Now Cameron, for only such word, it will send troops, just in case, for a country in which the arms race is nonexistent. Misreading the problem of the economic crisis in their area, but if you spend on militarism.
2.      like this Nicolas Sarkozi, misreading its internal problems, is spent on foreign military, and Libya, right now he needed a victory, it was agreed in the misreading it was time to pull the crazy Qaddafi. Because it took him 30 years ago?. Etc. Etc. Etc.
By this I mean, no longer read history, which is learned and evolves., And which is forgotten. World that were formed as a result of colonization and conquest others, and then for less cost, they were given independence, which was distorted, because those who left in charge, wanted more, and everyone wanted MAS. And as for millennia, we continued with the purchase of wills, to continue with the domain. In this new situation, in which each country's economy had had to handle them, and displays the classification, which ultimately, along with a rating of more or less corrupt countries, there are interest rates of loans or services, indebted to the boundaries as we see in the first world, more and more enriched.
Citizens of the First World , in 1952, appears the first form of distribution from first to fourth world, and it is this :

The three separate worlds during the  Cold War, with their respective allies. The colors do not represent their economic
     First world countries allied with  the United States
     Second world countries allied with the  USSR
     Third world countries,  non-aligned  and  neutral.
The term Third World was coined by the    economist  French  Alfred Sauvy in 1952, making a parallel with the French term Third Estate , to designate thecountries not belonging to either of the two blocks that were faced in the Cold War, the Western bloc (U.S., Western Europe, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Australiaand its allies) and the Communist bloc (USSR, Eastern Europe, China). Currently, so anachronistic (the "second world" of the "socialist bloc" has disappeared as a concept), the term is used inaccurately to refer to countries peripheralunderdeveloped or "developing" in contrast to developed countries in the latter present sense, the term is sometimes used to refer collectively to all developed countries, and sometimes to refer only to those who recorded the worst rates ofdeveloping human and economic.                   
The Fourth World refers to the population living in conditions of vulnerability andsocial risk in areas belonging to the first world. There is also talk of fourth worldto separate countries in a state of marginality and absolute instability in developing countries and emerging markets. Thus, in this thesis, the fourth world would also be made ​​by countries such as Zambia, Ivory Coast, Haiti, Guinea, Sudan,Ethiopia, among others.               
In this term, apart from the ghettos in their own countries, there are almost 40.
Within the category you will find:
§   Elderly homeless
§   Widows and mothers without financial means
§   Children abandoned, exploited or prostituted
§   Social Outcasts:
§   Homeless  and beggars
§   People without official protection
§   dysfunctional family
The thesis on inequality say that this phenomenon is a consequence of the unequal  distribution of income  in  developed countries, and also occurs not only in the fourth world, but increasingly in the third world.
Unofficial List of Fourth World Countries:

America  (1 country)

§   Haiti


Africa  (33 countries)

§   Angola,  Benin  Burkina Faso,  Burundi,  Central African Republic
§    Chad,  Comoros,  Democratic Republic of Congo  Equatorial Guinea,  Eritrea, Ethiopia,  Gambia,  Guinea,  Guinea-Bissau,  Lesotho,
§   Liberia,  Madagascar,  Malawi,  Mali,  Mauritania,  Mozambique,
§   Niger,  Rwanda,  Sao Tome and Principe,  Senegal,  Sierra Leone,
§   Somalia,  Sudan,  Tanzania,  Togo,  Uganda,  Djibouti,  Zambia


Asia  (10 countries)

§   Afghanistan  Bangladesh,  Bhutan,  Burma  Cambodia  Laos,
§   Maldives  Nepal,  East Timor,  Yemen


Oceania  (5 countries)

§   Kiribati,  Samoa,  Solomon Islands,  Tuvalu,  Vanuatu

Woe to us, the citizens that we have no say in this whole deal. And in which the First World societies was instilled, that we are all trash. No, we are all Human Beings, which as we have said a hundred times, we were born and die, under the same sky, with nothing to lead us.

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