jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

Globalization, or extermination, TO THE POWER OF A FEW

Globalization has been around for over 1500 years. Now is not that, 100 years or so, and leaving far behind, the colonial campaigns, we are witnessing the extermination of those who once were great countries. And behind the seizure of the world, which although already fairly well drawn on the maps, those with large global dominance, is that they are making great adjustments and tweaks, to the stitching line.
Of course, not to mention South America, Africa, parts of Asia, etc. Which already have owners, and managers who run them. For example in Latin America, 75% of companies are foreign, U.S., Canada, France, England, China getting in between, but in this area, the owners, are the above, therefore, for example this part of the Planet , although it has large reserves of all that comes to mind, will continue in poverty, and the give a little bit, relieved, and then lash out and we took, as usual is being.So the problem is finished destroying or greatly delay the economy of large European countries and Asia, to stop teasing, and with that domain are guaranteed 70% of the planet in their hands, because the other 30 % they are.
The para-groups of the Great European with the U.S., and Asia, which are operated by the future. These small groups of great power who have been working for more than everyone can imagine, and they look like futuristic comic Hollywood movies, reality surpassed them.Call, Masons, Bilderberg Group, and other minor, are warming the planet, and in a way, but this handful of people, controls, economy, politicians around the world, media, military means, and have management 60% of money and reserves in the world, we teased, if we add that they say to Bill Gates, has been there, and if indeed they were joined, this is a great power to finish strongly to alienate large the world, but look a little example: Through cell phones, young and not so much living yet these devices, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc..(Actually, I never imagined that The Great computing the accumulated wealth, so about money are beyond good and evil, is thrown in this vicious game).Good but for now, the largest commitment and dedication, will end with Spain, Italy, Greece, and the other children in Europe and the Middle East.
It will be a real slaughter, for then definitely finish the third world.

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