domingo, 1 de abril de 2012


Simple examples. Countries with thousands of years, living in an area where there is and there, old and new ways of dominance between them.
Scotland and Ireland, as belonging to United Kingdom, it seems that they forgot the thousands of buried bones of great heroes who defended their freedom, they like today in other countries, succumbed to corruption, and the action of the Sepoy.But that's an old story, only the name is left.
Also Spain, Italy, Greece, each with thousands of years of invasions, freedoms, and great times of power, was no longer the slightest recollection of what was to defend their sovereignty.For some time, with some governments, which lasted long enough, it made ​​them forget their strength, their energy, their intelligence, to have fallen today, under an economic war, as the most sad, defeated as a South American or African.
The great genocide of the Holocaust History was called, but few were genocide, many died for crimes against humanity, before and after the second world war.Remember, you were also involved. Remember, with companies located in the outer world, many people died, more than ever their leaders told them, meager wage, for management by governments, by imposing economic and military REMEMBER.
Zapatero today if a court were to leave and to respond as a country, as well as the womanizing Italian or Greek, we would begin to believe in a new story.
But this awareness does not come, nor will you get, because if you release them, then have an obligation to do so with many third world, but that's another story.
Remember: Today many can not pay their rents, AND MANY LOSE THEIR HOMES
Remember: Today many are without work
Remember: Today many are going to eat at community sites
Remember: It will be worse, because children are in debt to future
Remember: That South American countries that descend mainly from Italian and Spanish 200 years ago, we are well.

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