domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011

Free pettiness

What is the greatness that is needed,
to discover at each step,
to discover, in every corner,
the right word, the magic phrase,
to push us to the eternal,
we rise to the divine.
The simplicity in which we live,
greatness is in every step
greatness is in every corner,
us alone, out of pettiness,
is the possibility to see it, live it,
able to find it, light,
Divine light, we all have inside
is within reach, nearby,
so close that we blind to see it.
Just raise your hands and our eyes
to the stars, go into emotion
we are in trance, to see into infinity,
the grandeur of our surroundings.
And if you're so close, because they see it,
because they feel it, caress it,
So this way,
start without meanness,
to live our true peace.

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