martes, 30 de agosto de 2011

Humans intertwined, as if we knew

If we imagine the vastness that is our universe, and possible interrelationships we have the same, we might think is not an entity as abstract as we want to show, is a highly complex, so much so that if we dream is similar to which we in this world. Many scientists are already talking about not just the Big Bang, also of big Cranch, but in turn tell us that this may be a rebound effect, and that our universe is one of many that have already existed, we also speak of parallel universes of universes inside each other, with other dimensions, we can say that at first we had three dimensions, time, space and .... after 4 and now speak with certainty of 11 or 12 dimensions. Mark well that many well-educated writers and filmmakers have made films of fiction but some speak of the Multiverse, other parallel universes, dimensions unknown among us, and talking about them until we could talk about Avatar, an amazing film that leaving the 3D effects and incredible animations, not only shows how both the wickedness of man and the powerful companies on issues worn, this film makes an exceptional gala bring to the screen, in an extremely clever, how is connected across a company in another world that is neither more nor less than one of the many theories of many scientists as we are connected. For that matter already stated at length the possibility that this world has already had one or several civilizations, and that the same could have been great expansion and great power intelligent, perhaps more than ours. The more opponents, as always and I think it's rational, evidence can not substantiate, but if our world is 5 billion years, it is entirely possible to suffer situations like that described the universe may have been born and died many times . That's wrong, who despised the idea, if what happens in the universe happens in our world, if everything is made from the same moderation, the same initial formula. Logically, the events will occur similarly appropriate to each location. As the human being? Is not like /. No matter, Hawkig in a famous book, The History of Time, talks about some of this theory, and goes so far that while this issue does not tell us how are shortened for space to reach remote locations quickly , ignoring the technology to make these trips, we are very clear that the Universe offers his own belly element for intercommunication of beings who inhabit it, not only us but also the other unknown, at least 200,000 solar systems. Returning micro, our world, the relationship that exists between human beings and it is apparent that we feel but we can not consciously enjoy the true strength that we lost, or to re-emerge is latent in the moment have the elements necessary for this universal communication between us again to be usual and ordinary, not what they say they would all be connected telepathically, and we talk to each other from different parts of the world, I think the current brain not hold much, but if you know that we are linked by the great source that provides energy d the universe and that we have available the full extent if we knew to use, but even without knowing it and not take the power of collective universal consciousness , as does the universe at macro and micro world, such as very simple ecosystems, if they were broken from strong wind was only man who does not know how to handle. But the real and tangible example without having to argue with strange ideas or formulas, are once again the possibility of thinking of the certainty of this interconnection, with the energies surrounding and from which we draw, we would live in greater harmony, and ecosystem would be more rational human being without the calamities we have to endure, and immersed in these leaders would choose another type of policy, less archaic, highly evolved, bringing the mind to work planes unsuspected human would think today, more than for a great team that shows a possible way, these crazy Lindos avatar, Hawking, Mandela, Mother Teresa, many who know about this amazing way to live in harmony. Bringing peace, tranquility, peace, better management of Fe and love, and after handling the companies policies and sustainable systems, which would give peace of work in any field smooth, knowing, that all a large group work for the growth of humanity. Achieving greater and faster progress, without hiding, without covering them under the carpet without the need to carry messages petty, useless and oppression, but the human dignity reach every inhabitant of this planet. And with the Internet for all, and with the knowledge available to any people, we'd all be working closely side by side without mortification that will make our neighbors to bother, but every time I ring the bell, it's probably for a healthy exchange for an announcement of new discoveries, new horizons with good winds to take us to land in a good boat that will not make us wreck. These thoughts are encouraging because they do not make us pessimistic about the world we live, but we do see reality and far from being sadness, we give great knowledge to meet our truths and turn them into acts of human advancement. Far from us would try to cover all the knowledge we have beings on this planet, we can not be doctors, lawyers, engineers, astronomers, chemists, etc., Not the truth we do not reach the life, that makes natural settling we professions and jobs in which we are improving year after year, and if so we can share with other specialists, consultations to improve our work, or vice versa would call us to help, both in office work, a factory, an institute development, a hospital, whether the place to be, all part of the mechanics of living in this world and what each does and produces, serves others, whether as information, food, operations, immunizations, new telescopes, they can think of, no matter, it makes the work of our lives. But if these crazy ideas might have a little shine of sustainability, we should continue working on what happened to us in as we become and how we should do to again be a race worth living, and be lived by all, without fear of tomorrow, without misgivings about the unknown, without panic of a bunch of crazy fanatics, political or religious one day help us and one we buried. In this review and think about our own self-esteem as thinking beings, pass through many events that the self before we embark on the path of unity. You can be communist, fascist, capitalist, Buddhist, Christian, Islamic, but what can not be what we are now, human beings against human beings. If wars were invented powerful, the religions do, and we panicked always saying no to these events, because some day we will have a say in it for that not to be heard, cared for, justified, and of course you do event, because ultimately human beings who inhabit the country can vote but not decide, and that would change, that vote is a reality and perform like our votes to politicians asked

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