martes, 30 de agosto de 2011


Love, unconscious entity,
we sometimes bends,
and sometimes it rises
from children to the worthy work
and sometimes also
leads to irrational hatred.
Within us, full of strength,
sometimes undiscovered, are completed,
with the deepest of feelings,
passion eternal within us.
From birth until death inevitable,
this sentiment changing
for the events around us, is the only
and true self that accompanies our lives
alone or accompanied, but is always Him
Many have the chance to see, in
deep love, and the meet,
the most sublime, the most incredible paradox,
In this world we live.
In this swing, with which we grow,
and we develop,
those few people who can see beyond
are those that should mark a path,
are those that should give the direction,
the homeless, in love
only find the word as such,
and not as a part of Universal Magic.

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