sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011


Since the capacity of countries to the international force without that strength too, we have that out of 243 countries of which 194 are recognized as general and other unincorporated territories, communities or colonies of powers. So say the publications. 
But it is the truth? How run this world, some for their great economic and military power, others for their wealth forces and others who make do with terrorism powers.And the rest of us were watching.After all, the powerful and the terrorist dominate.We look with amazement on many documentaries and in matters of compulsory study in schools and universities, which show the atrocities of the false wars 3000 years ago, 2000 years ago, and even show us the cruelty of those wars, they were bloody and up death by spears, swords, axes, etc.. And today? What is the difference, two atomic bombs, planes sent in a few days as candy, thousands of missiles at a city,taking countries and in others, is exercised genocide, racial degeneration and religious.For example, many are condemning Iran, but and others who are supporting?, Is but of the cold war through third parties? Also and once again we see that a country with only 11,000,000 inhabitants (Greece), is being lost in the terror of poverty, as happened in other countries, and advise you: TAKE THESE MEASURES OR PAY THE MOST POOR'S CARO. Are you crazy?, If there as in the U.S., France, Russia, China, Argentina, Brazil, the poorest do not take anything, because above all, the worse will have to pay?It's not about Left or Right, it's about being Honest with the World that is still forming. Many of the political side of the world, have great personal problems, such as Italy, France, and many others worse, with rich countries are wealthy and the poverty of his people, which does not return anything of stolen goods on their land.There is more than what happened for 4.000 years or more, or not far in the Middle Ages? If the earth had happened when 500,000 people, when 3,000,000, and now seven billion, which is when we are fourteen billion? We will make eating with us?Gentlemen, that is happening?Terror is bigger, the irrepressible fear that gives the political class, join us in dismay, in the dark, which gives us the possibility that the killings will continue to grow, poverty will continue to rise, terrorism will continue to rise, forming upon us, a cloak of insecurity was never an unsurpassed paragon.More than a citizen with two neurons on securely, knowing nothing of the hidden details of high politics, surely, can give you great tips to more than a great leader of this World.

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