miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2011


The feelings I cornered,
I spring thoughts,
I can not control, they are,
simply in my being.
Just let them fence and come,
I let them flow without hindrance,
those who come, the receipt of my interior,
receipt or who knows where, at best,
of my spiritual being, that very special
gives me the deepest feelings,
I have ever experienced, and with them,
giving birth to my best poems, my best
and my thoughts higher, so they can
give an unattainable hope value.
This window, which I always open
is the place where inevitably,
will the best insights of life,
both in receipt, as in what I give,
In that window open, with the interior light on,
is the real connection with the universe around me.
To the world you always dreamed of

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