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We know that many smaller countries, which are the majority, their leaders, in a very high percentage are just puppets of other governments or corporations, or those other big government.
But the big question that is worth more than a million: The great leaders of great powers, are puppets of the great powers?
In principle, I would say yes, because anyone who deigns to be a human, would be living with great disgust of what happens, for all rules that were broken.
And if you still do, is because they are forced, I have no way of thinking.
In this small great country, called Earth, they appear to be Trustees for Humanity, but it goes your life, this world will begin to change.
My life and many will end, and not see the big time, but to meet, or else, says Stephen W. HAWKING, before a thousand years, but is a natural thing in the universe, man is responsible for the annihilation of self (READ of the Great Genius: History of Time, and The Grand Design)
Not to mention other great scientists predict they each in their different specialties, but with the same conclusion.
All environmentalists, peace activists, scientists, mathematicians, scholars, writers, and nearly seven billion souls, ask them to stop with all this scandal.
Why not listen? OR CAN NOT
One example, which is less than or greater than the massacres, and wars occur: The Environmental Issues? (Among many other thousands of items)This issue for example, be entirely true, the scientists who advise us, this will be great destruction of much of humanity.
And there are strong indications that they want to start to fix it.And scientists increasingly are more raw, and do not give more than a few years to fix it before it becomes irreversible, the Great Global Warming.
So we can expect, they stop to plunder the world, not follow the basic rules, CAPITALISM AND DEMOCRACY.
These disgusting, do nothing but let the great leaders, such as People unpresentable, because today, they are only concerned about the Greek debt, the sustainability of the Euro, and its banks.But the population is going to pay dearly for this, not spoken.
Only threat to these poor countries, the consequences, pay their own people, with more s poverty.This, at first glance does not seem fair, when it was they who gave large loans, and then make the bankruptcy of many countries, and then seize them, simply, cheaply.
Missing notes, no euros, no dollars, and it is certain that the common people, do not. Possess, large corporations and major banks. But the money is to, gold also, nothing was lost.WHY do it?
If you want a few to be millionaires, Well come on, do it. But give to Caesar what is Caesar's.
Let the people who win with dignity, so they can live a decent life to this day.And if that were the case, would be more millionaires yet. Because people produce more profits. FORD Read
The situation is that this state of things still are millionaires. So, that will do a better distribution of wealth. If so will it. Anyway, every day they sleep well, without problems in their minds for what happens. So not going to play to queue for a plate of food (as in many countries and now the sad pictures of Spain), or do not have to go to a regular hospital to care for their children, who probably will not be in a with tarps and full of flies, as in Africa and more.
There is a little concerned, these 20 or 30 major Countries and more than 150 Sepoy (See the origin of the word, and Spanish, became synonymous with traitors the homeland) who are in the smaller countries, build up in that famous little percentage, the wealth, which is more that of all human beings who inhabit this planet.
Alas, that sadness, not to console the welfare of many souls in this world, where seemingly anyone, would be very easy.
Only, resigned a little, nothing more than a little.
Beautiful again controls did not allow vulture funds without working seize the savings of others, or the Banks no longer take risks and are running with the wealth of many.
Men and Women of the world's democracies must be wearing the pants, in order to stop the debauchery, of systematic theft, all men of goodwill who inhabit this planet.

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