sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011

We're going to bring?

The truth is that when we leave this world we got nothing, exceptthat scientists tell us otherwise. But neither the Pharaohs, could be carried across riches kept them in their graves, after 4000 years remained in the same place. Also in the way of many of which nothing is taken away, if we left some incredible trouble, for example, presidents, kings, businessmen, who mishandledsuccession, often all ends in death, unemployment and so much more. The death of a corporation is not carrying anything, butinstead leave unemployed and poor. The wealth accumulated inthe world for a few poorly managed to everybody, it is not going to take, but meanwhile, the problems are many, and who knows if it happened again, in Argentina, U.S., Europe, the tragedy of the Greeks, and so on. No one takes anything, but we all leave a few problems, which ultimately is paid by the middle class and the poorest.
We ordinary citizens who are concerned about the well-being,decency, to inculcate our children the real reason why we exist, itpales to the actions of the big nasty. I do not really want a big corporation giving me your money or big banks, not governments, but as nothing is going to take much bad we can leave, that is why I sometimes say: stop teasing. Do it right, do not hide the wealth, if no one is asking they just asked to be good stewards, both state and private. Neither the Directors None are kept. If youact with honesty in how to manage a family, would be greatPatriots of the World, and is what we need. BIG WORLDPATRIOTS

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