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Read With Time

Many say they just have to look forward, but at this beautiful and great sentence is missing something important, not only that these people who have repeated ad nauseum, is the product of the knowledge incorporated in order to make such assertions. It dec go no today without yesterday or tomorrow without H oy.We are by what we were and so we are. How easy it is to say, but if we look a little our past, I think with a bit of rationality, see escrutantes and rapacious eyes, end up bewildered to discover one of the many paradoxes in which we were involved for thousands of years, that nothing is given away, everything is for sale and purchase, but to understand it better, which is the lowest purchase more in the range of societies, ie the poorest and least powerful or the middle class are the buy more, are the biggest spenders, are the most pay on expensive meals, high-interest money in the purchase of an uncertain future without access to the welfarism of the world, to the best medical care at provision of good services, have reasonable plans for retirement, to have access to good food, good medical care, not to be discriminated by a disease, to cure or treat cancer, heart problem, not so many gaps that we should name them all together, a widespread pandemic insastifacciones not met by the national or regional institutions should be solved, giving the response to tax every citizen of the world pays in each region it inhabits. In this world where the dominant minority in command, in every age people have done all sorts of events, making their claims and in some cases have reached the great revolutions that succeeded in changing the future instead they were on the other more promising, until the great forces took their time and were changing their safe handling, for example France.In this repetition of events in the ancient history of man, we see that it is necessary to look back, to understand how it can be our future if we ultimately as usual but with more sophistication.Human beings always what we have read with some certainty, thanks to great historians, more than that, detectives today are modern past history. We pass large volumes of books talking about the studies for them, we are outlining a new way of seeing the past, how to study, and ultimately how to understand it. They say today that when something is because they say the evidence and where is some doubt as to the accuracy, left on the hypothesis that could have been. But ultimately these studies, but those of anthropologists, archaeologists, and major and serious scientists who study the elements found to give veracity to the origin and the time we are many who are struggling to uncover the hidden truths tangles in time.As well as physicists,astronomers, geologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, forensic, religious, theologians ... ... ... ... ... ... All of them without exception, and are working on for years, almost all to know and discover, to not only understand and explain human behavior in the past, but they discover and say without any subterfuge, that man always had a large share of rationality, in spite of everything, and of course always without touching the issue of ordinary people with mental illness or lofty in the great powers of the time.All agree in an almost unique in that the man always had the same needs, and if we get to see the great thinkers of every age and every place, China, India, Japan, Greece, Europe, Middle East, the same thing everyone agrees on the formation of man, its location, its place in the world, their place in the universe, all also left us a great deal of thought, that verge on the best manifestations of the human brain.Before there were computers, should think more and took too long to write and to transferknowledge, adding to them the issue of copies to make and the time demand will lead to one place to another, to share with other thinkers or bequeath in their own schools, passing on its wisdom.But these great sages of the past, they were not ordinary people in their societies, then and now ordinary citizens had to work and were illiterate, so large they were always of a high social class, or sponsored for could make their achievements that ultimately ended in the hands of these upper classes of society, but not ordinary people.This means that today they can change things remain essentially the same people, and if they or many of them have wanted to make changes and many of today as well, as it is possible that in places being as important as great scientists, writers and so on., winners or not with great prizes such as novelists, could not change the course.The answers are always the same, do not leave and have no interest to the great powers, only taken from them knowledge they care for their own purposes and nothing else. But that change qui make great and good thinkers for thousands of years, I believe and must believe in the legacy available to read it is very simple, that the human being to live with his conscience constantly growing, you can leave their poverty, not only economically but also cerebral and spiritual communion and to achieve that have always dreamed of, the development of a whole with peers around them.Traditionally the main reason for the existence of human beings was the belief in something higher, a force that inevitably surrounded him and understand the information for that was not of this world, and it placed its faith, all their love, most supreme values ​​that can contribute to a society, but where the powers and the rise of religions, always primarily healers, priestesses, priests, religious disguise, but had two things in his hands, religion and power rule, then the religious and political powers, acting together for a long time religions had more power than politicians, until later today for example we have an important variety of these alignments. But they did all, abused the faith and love of his countrymen, always knowing that these forms of religion and power always belonged and responded to a single sector, oppressed with false faith abusing these delicate attributes of the believers, which systematically denied education, access to strong knowledge of religions and their findings, undermining the work of the great philosophical thinkers and scientists, when an idea was against religion or powers, to keep his place of domain , if you want some names quoted almost close to contemporary armed busiest: Galileo Galilei, Newton, Michelangelo, and today many more, nothing else today can not send a fire, but if you can remove, or reject.For example, Stephen W. Hawking the Einstein of our time, along with other scientists, such as the aforementioned first declares in his book "History of Time", were summoned by the Vatican, and asked them short while accepting the studies on the Big Bang, requested that they not go to the nurse. Why, they are scared, that stimulates one way or another to do the same as in the Inquisition, as nothing but more delicate. But all this scare someone tries to give knowledge that can change some of his teachings, they use all their power to prevent it. I think from this humble place that the great strides taken by scientists of all kinds, including philosophers, historians, etc.., Are the elements that people expect to grow, to understand, so that his spirit to be valid, so that his death serves for something, so that your life has great meaning to be, to live with faith and heart, and also continued growth in that knowledge would know that you can be better, you can understand more to this life and this universe in which we live, everyone understands that there is something else, but those who can provide the tools you need to believe that it will lose belief and houses of worship of any religion be emptied, that the powerful lose votes, not sad .None of this would, on the contrary would be more faithful, more voters, more people intellectually and spiritually, closer and closer between each human being and then between each of the companies in the world, because they know that you can live better, much better, because once allay fears and apprehensions to the taboos imposed, the human being in a greater spiritual freedom, would be what must once have been a universally be connected, and ultimately if we are, because in the universe is unleashed nothing else, an event and be has to do with it and so since it was formed, and ruled until the known by the same laws, to which we must, we must be the exception, not no the are, we have removed this link brutally conscious level, but on the inside and now well inside, we know that is so and hence the resistance, hence the opposition of thousands of millions, in their daily orders, peace, serenity, peace, equity, decent work, food, judging and sort out the resources, and no one ever spoke of the emergence of a Robin Hood and steal from some to give to others, no, people are asking in this equity is the cake to be shared equitably, and not remain in the hands of a small percentage of individuals and entities.Then insist with this basic idea, to bring together the spiritual and economic development, we could not envision that our societies would be much better than the stress begin to disappear, which instilled fears dissipate as hidden, that the disease would fall, that hunger like it or not many would quickly disappear, man would attend more to the temples, because there would know that would bring together not only the same but in doing so would many more unprecedented spiritual works, both mentally and physically, using the great powers that human beings have }Thus, if the Powers, Military, Political, Religious, and subgroups that they have created to dominate humanity, were willing to work together and towards a better country, called Earth, we would see that in all neighborhoods in the world, ONE MORE LASTING PEACE AND NOT BE MORE OF THE SAME FOR MORE THAN 4000 YEARS. LEST US BE

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