domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2011

Macabre, internet, is not for everyone

Many men of science, letters, environmentalists, peace, and so on. They work hard to disseminate their findings and trying hard to bring these jobs on a massive level, for the most important is the Internet.But we should know something very important. This mass-media, only reaches a very girl in the world'spopulation, and not to talk to and this system is not free, as you well know, many countries, but all have a major control over them.Remember 10 years ago, when Chinese scientists deprived of their country, they could not communicate as they do to share findings, and together improve their work. I tried to find the number of Internet users, and all I could see is a statistic from 2009, is scary. His works do not reach all lords, and not counting where a lot censorship. Look and read well, but today we are far from that we update the sages of each subject can be seen worldwide.
1,730 million - Internet users worldwide (September 2009).
18% - Increase in the number of users since last year.
738,257,230 - Internet users in Asia.
418,029,796 - Internet users in Europe.
252,908,000 - Internet users in North America.
179,031,479 - Internet users in Latin America / Caribbean.
67,371,700 - Internet users in Africa.
57,425,046 - Internet users in the Middle East.
20,970,490 - Internet users in Oceania / Australia.
That is over 5,000 million, does not reach them all
If there is another statistic, let me know. But the differences between those with and those without, I think will be very significant. And so, the universal consciousness, to humans, it will take a long time coming. 

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