martes, 17 de enero de 2012


A LITTLE HISTORY OF MANY IN THE WORLD (remember that people never know the truth, but are those who pay):
At the end of World War II, according to a number of books and important information, negotiate with Hitler, two things (among others), leaving it to change its scientists, and thus signed, U.S., France, Argentina and Israel, to also give military force to the Hebrews, to take their territory by force.And the U.S., and had a door on these moors.
For 70 years, England, had a significant economic interference in Latin America to counter it, the U.S., launches the purchase of wills and causes a string of coups. S then borrow, then release it, then the ratings will go down, then charge them.And if not paid, penalties were and remain strong. (What would have happened if America, invented their own control of International Credibility indices)
Then, as NATO did not allow militarized base in the South Atlantic, the war was the dictatorship Argentina, and thus, England, created a major military base in South Atlantic Islands.
Who knew about this: NO ONE. The people never knew. BUT PAY THE CONSEQUENCES. As in other things, other more, THE SAME PASS.
We have already discussed two issues: Because of the debt, Greece was threatened that his people would suffer if it did not fit. Iran also attacked by some, said that should be covered by others, nothing more than the 30 days, Russia, tells the world that if they get to Iran, they get to their safety.
Knelt in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, and others. That is now among them, the first world, and forced to make adjustments.
In France, I do not think at all, you have no money to solve their problems. But as you lower your score, stomp like spoiled kids, and I immediately said, they will create their own body of Qualification. And now he says, and he said not to listen, that France is doing homework or the French pay.
I wish the context was different, but obviously, is forming a new system, and now fewer countries will be Up, Down and many more. It seems that is developing the new model, which began some time ago, with U.S. Mortgage Messy. And they can not tell me that nobody knew this would happen. LEFT TO GO, JUST because they want THAT MUCH CAN.

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