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To continue the thread, it needs to understand why human satisfactions can not be done with dignity. We must begin with the speculations of the old empire ancient formation, and that still apply today ome as C hina, Japan, and others.And both C hina, and others, including the Romans, carried out their work by 3 / 2, La Force, Religion and Money, as it is now.
Knew very well manage its people for their achievements and in turn to the dominated peoples. The most interesting writings are among many, that of the Romans.This rule was not sure if work on the minds of its citizens would not have achieved such a conquest, as well as the conquered.Here and in the third century AD, when the empire isthreatened by dismemberment, sight in people practicing Christianity, a turning point to change his story and sustained over time.That's when Constantine carried out with Christian leaders, the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, and begins a different era for humanity, but keep in mind that these Christian leaders also had a good school, the Hebrew, the Greek, the country which would harm his supposed word, and of course also the Roman school. A few others were used to endure and grow. So what did Christianity become Catholicism then, with the power which gave the Roman Empire, military, as in strategy, with great knowledge in managing the masses, and a conquered territory, at that time a remarkable extent, that I came from knobs to Christianity, and which then developed like a fish in water.And ta ntlearned from his mentor, that while the Roman Empire fell, Catholicism grew perhaps more so than the Romans, embedded in wherever you were, and coming up with the armies of the countries which were with confidence, and with great force management covered by such forces. This force was one of the largest appeared in humanity, was leaving sequels, and teachings, that already took advantage of the countries that were emerging, it being used, such as copying their work system in the management of Human the world. Also, as Christianity was at the time with the power of Rome, emerging, had the Catholicism. Using both parties, with mutual appreciation. Then much of Catholicism, is already known and need not in this narrative. But as time passed, there was colonization, but the ships wereclerics.They were experts after subjecting the people by force in mentalizing in Christian doctrine.So matters and there were many divisions, but Catholicism, and with much power and too much money, had a great influence in too many countries.
Throughout this passage, in which we do not talk no more and no less than of too many centuries, the forces of the world, military policies, and religious, had already built a chain too important and complex in the management of the world belongs to them as relationships that were not theirs, and it was money that flow between the three forces, was a spy working together to see where they were to put your fingers.
Since the cold war has existed for millennia, and globalization as well, since all countries were taking steps to counter what the other towards, and could not, fell into the hands of someone, well, Lenin, Hitler, and appeared after the millennial and centennial, USA, who was the fastest-learned, and now the consequences of all this is in sight, with societies and marriages of convenience that were lavished.
We must say, that although ended very badly, Hitler, combining Super Agreements with many countries, including many now look to one side, becoming fools.This sequel takes today, is the evil we have seen, and the final set-up, the increased alienation of the history of mankind.Using brute force work of more than 5,000 million people, for hundreds of millions, live very well. When the 7,000 million should be reasonably good. And this without speculating, that if it had been better human being, this would, millions richer, and the rest much more than good.
Either way, it is not from Russia, China, England, Germany, France, USA, Japan, and others, and among them, the rulers, those who buy, those sold.
It is not unpleasant extremes come to realize that all knowledge, only used for the good of humanity, before the limit of its existence.

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