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An interesting reflection on this very difficult time in the world in which nobody wants to loosen.
Now, at least Wikipedia: Status quo (pron. [statues-kuo]) 1 is a Latin phrase that translates as "state of the moment", which refers to the global status of a matter at a given time.These are usually issues with both parties more or less opposite, in which a number of factors lead to a certain "balance" (status quo) more or less durable over time, but that balance has to be equal ( For example, in a situation of domination exists a status quo in favor of the ruler).
Related to it, the phrase "status quo" refers to the continuation of equilibrium, although individual factors may change, but in a complementary manner, causing them to keep the state of global equilibrium.
The concept comes from the diplomat in the status quo ante bellum , meaning "as it was before the war in the sense of recovering the situation of power and leadership that was before a war .
In the field of politics and diplomacy , the term "status quo" is often used in order to maintain ambiguity about the situation they are concerned, so as to avoid confrontation explicit the factors that exist, although partners know what it is.At other times simply seeks to simplify the discussion, and summary of the various elements involved.
At other times, it speaks of "status quo" in the sense of a situation deeply stagnant enormous inertia which makes it very difficult to change. Peter Senge (1999) said: "Collaboration is vital to keep the really deep changes, because with out it,organizations are overwhelmed by the forces of status quo."
In a more sarcastic , Laurence J. Peter , the author of the Peter Principle , once said: "The Bureaucracy defends the status quo, long after the quo has lost its status. "
Besides, I not only leads to the back of a war, but now any state, any country, you do lose what you had. And never was in analysis as achieved, the previous state.More than once was: Quito, the Status Quo to another. 
Nobody wants to lose their Status Quo

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