domingo, 8 de enero de 2012

NOW GO TO TERROR BY ISRAEL. BECAUSE you are stuck right now?

We have seen all kinds of global issues, to the great genocide, which the first and quite large in modern times was in Armenia, and then in Germany, which became known as the Holocaust.We see in history treated the countries of the third and tenth world, now in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Palestine. With Other reasons Greece, Spain, and other first world.
For now, this way we have as fragile stability in the Middle East, see this complex internal problem in Israel.
The people of Israel, has an ancient culture, but the world of Islam, but as religion begins within the sixth or seventh centuries, AD. (Then as people existed), now have reached more than 1,700 million, beating Christians, and even more to Catholicism.
All blame for anything, but all they have done nothing more than overwhelming, and for over 2,000 years. And now many as the great power, while in another measure, with nuclear capability. I understand and I believe that all these problems are global, but beware, for example, China and Russia, say that they should solve their problems. Of course, until something bothering them and intervene.
Not be typed Israel's problem, right now, when the problems of Islamic countries, are becoming worse

Anyway, apart from this tradition, treat the world, by the great powers, there is more lamentable.
1.        All human beings of this planet have a right to exist.
2.        No one is more than anyone. We will live a few years and we will
3.        Nobody has the right to delete any country, as we have tried to
4.All agree that there is one God
5.        The lyrics of the religions, are not carried out by man. The same Catholicism, is a great example.
All this I pay nothing more and nothing less, that the poor inhabitants of this planet, we only want PEACE, PEACE, PEACE.

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  1. True, we want peace and it very much. Unfortunately, religion has been and is the cause of misery and war.
    Thank you for your kind visit and greet.

  2. Thanks Giga, perhaps the Boede of collapse, it's fix


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