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Many spoke of the powerful countries, and The Great Powers, Why?
With different cultures, religions, and substantial differences in their curriculum, like it or not anyone, these Great coming from long ago, have conquered or colonized, or dominated, according to the name that will touch every sector, or the way he has hurt, or how they are currently drawn.The company, internally, have big problems and among them, thefts, murders, rapes, drugs, hunger, the homeless, etc.. Part of it is not the fault of globalization, but sick minds, but not the provision of drugs, or weapons to the crime. From these general themes, and others, the test is des management's own country, and in some cases, drugs and weapons smaller number of countries in conflict, for this to continue.
The first part is that this earlier, led to the global scale, is the violation of rights, genocide, international outrage militarized plunder of riches, too rich and many in extreme poverty.The hold of this situation on behalf of companies, is what we saw in two trials on the alienation of large, smaller, and made whole.  The downside is that the great society, and only capitulated am to think that the third world are not human beings, but slaves, and the third world became accustomed to so live and so believing that they have, is best.This is not good, some is promoting a kind of racism, and other delivery of their wills.But in both parties, there are many decent and if you think your heart.An example of this and their results, we appoint several of this part in the West: Osama Bin Laden (Saudi Arabia), Huseim Saddam (Iraq), Mohamed Gaddafi (Libya), now Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, in between Spring Arabic, in Latin America before, dictators widespread (and now with the economic domain), not to mention Asia, as before Canada, Australia, etc.., the whole world, as we said, like thousands of years ago, but modernized .Art, who fed them to grow, and who left them in power knowing what they were, and who took them out when they no longer suited. The world is everywhere scattered settlements, economic, political and military, who negotiated between Great, there has been a kind of division of the world.That now seems temporary, because others dispute arise. But among the big nothing will happen, as we have said, would be the annihilation of the human species.Anyway, this new form of slavery, which is more than that, you should start to end. Just as they agree in the environmental, not put into this, because children are born, of course, until they no longer do so because there is no way. At that time, upon completion of the last slaves, it is because human life is ending.
It is inevitable that the powers that colonized, and now they want even before the change of the investments made in that parts of the world, if there were no railways, ports, telephones, and now, technology, refining, etc.. It is right that they want their profits. But the world of today has no indigenous populations today isgreat intelligence and ability to think and know not everyone is alienated.In addition to sample a few, live counting the bills in front of those who have nothing to eat, it is reasonable to have anger.And although we do not like, it is fortunate that most, say I care. Because otherwise, people would rise up and do not type, to overthrow a regime, but would massively, without anybody ordering anything. It is also fortunate that over 5,000 million Internet not get otherwise, little by little would take more awareness. So you should always say, THAT WE GOOD LUCK IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING? It's like being hit by a car, I amputate a leg, and say, how lucky I am alive, and the conduit or, surely, have a legal punishment, very mild, but I was incapacitated.
China, and India, totaling more than 2,600 million
Between Christianity and Islam, 3,000 million
Only these two facts, they know it all, should give chills, not fear, but just thinking, how are most of them. Some sociologists and scientists say it would take two or three planets like ours, so that everyone in the world, live like the developed countries. If true, the times marked STEPHEN HAWKING (only 1000 years old) went wrong.
The citizens of this planet, both developed countries and the poorest, we are all children of the same earth, and under the same sun, were born in it, and it will die, regardless of class, race, or religion. Therefore it is not worth it, so many millions of oppression is not fair, no, it is not.
I do not see a way for the ruling powers, change your attitude.S or allegiance to other powers prevents them.But the citizens of advanced societies, if they discover that other citizens are not enemies of anyone, but the bad guys created by the great powers, that may be no Arab Spring, was the beginning of a World Spring to The big change that we need.
And not with riots, violence or terrorism, NO, NO, only the votes of Citizens First, that their ruling power, begin to negotiate and not to plunder this planet so amazing, but too fragile.

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