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PRIOR TO PART 4 ​​may be helpful to some comments: Social alienation. AFTER Part 3 GIVES TERROR INTERNATIONAL DISABILITY POLICY

This topic is ancient, not from today. Always in good faith from the human, from the most powerful tribes on, took possession of the will, to use in their aims, which have always been pretty grim.These men of politics, religion or military, took them to their goals. And in some cases, forced to repel external aggression.
For this first part, we can simply go to a place that is accessible to all, Wikipedia, which can be put into any search engine the title I put in bold: Alienation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Anyway, added a few paragraphs as a summary, with which we can see below how we use:
1.        The alienation or disposition is to eliminate the phenomenon of personality, depriving the individual of his personality   or break an individual's personality, controlling and reversing their free will to make the person dependent dictated by another person or organization.The alienated stays within himself, absorbed by his social disorientation. It is a process that can be self induced.
2.         At the social level, that goes along with handling social, cultural annihilation, political domination and oppression of the individual or collective alienated. Can be considered a workout, training, adaptation, or referral to a thought or purpose that makes the properties and capabilities of man, something independent of themselves and dominating over them. In contrast the third determination sidewalk speaks of man being generic.
3.         Alienation is a process by which an individual is coached or autoalecciona your subconscious  by a disease process unintended, into believing something, or fix certain mental associations, usually for a specific purpose.
There are four types of alienation, by which the individual or collective consciousness until it become contradictory to what was expected of her condition:
1.         Religious, resigning themselves to a dogma and justifying the consecration of the dogma that frustrates the development of the individualization of consciousness of man.
2.         Policy: It belongs to the State , or consent to the spoliation and oppression by a government.The antithesis of this is extreme individualism, where individuals do not feel any kind of bond or undertaking, or interest, by their peers. From this perspective it makes sense there is not social or collective consciousness: the society is just a collection of individuals.
3.         Economic: In which the products or man-made means dominate the individual.
4.Consumerism: buy what the advertising dictates, without rational assessment of the usefulness of the product, identifying happiness with mere consumption.
In these situations, there was much in our long history, but some noted that it is desirable to understand the process in which today, as we are immersed in a dead end, because nobody wants to loosen.
The Famous Writers: M. Baigent, R. H. Leigh and LINCOLN
In Book: The Messianic Legacy
That among other vital issues of humanity, explain these phenomena, to reach others.
With solid foundations and supported by the expertise of scholars, and also studied at Harvard and Cambridge, among others, dramatically exposed the facts in Russia Lenin, Bakunin, Marx and Stalin, the same way also wrote in Germany, Adolf Hitler, which was erected as high priest. And I call this chapter, (Number 12) OS SUSTITUTIV OF FAITH: Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany
Either way, let us, like China, countries in Europe, Asia, and America, have influenced their own countries and took him to the world.Is to be applauded. WORK IS AMAZING (And do not define it amazing that as good or bad), although some do not like AT ALL SIDES BEVERAGES MADE SOME FAMOUS AND TYPES OF MUSIC.
With these simple definitions, and that anyone will see, not far from our reality, is thus able to be fragmented into too many parts to this world, putting in short, the man against man, and never in the world Peace Train and durable.

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