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Corrupción política, en términos generales, es el mal uso públicO (gubernamental) del Poder para conseguir una ventaja ilegítima, generalmente secreta y privada. The opposite term to   Political corruption is  transparency.For this reason one can speak of the level of corruption or transparency of a   State   or nation .
All types of government s   are susceptible to political corruption.Forms of corruption vary, but the most common are the illegitimate use of privileged information, the   influence peddling , the rigging , sponsorship,  bribes ,   extortion ,   influences ,   fraud ,   embezzlement , the   transgression , the despotism , the  cooptation , the   nepotism   and the   impunity .Corruption often facilitates other criminal acts such as  drug trafficking , the   money laundering   and the   prostitution   illegal; although not restricted to these  organized crime , and may not support or protect other crimes.
Political corruption is a global reality, your level of tolerance or evidence combat the country's political maturity.For the same reason there are national and international agencies, official and private, with a mission to monitor the level of international administrative corruption, such as the   Organization of the United Nations  (UN), the   Organization of American States   (OAS) and Transparency International .Moreover, corruption is not the responsibility of the official sector, the state or the government of the day, but includes in particular the private sector, in which case one can speak of   corporate corruption   or   influence peddling   between the private and the public.
It is noteworthy that corruption affects individual countries, as partners or groups of countries. Well as to companies and groups working on several at once, under the command of those countries.Which appear as transparent, but history condemns them. Also this is another measurement used to see in which countries will the money and which will charge you more or less. Also in the following table is significant that those who are as it is Transparent Countries 
Here about 80% to 90% of countries are corrupt.Too bad no.
Dyslexia in this First World Rulers, refused to hear his readings of his own past, that they were never Celeste, and now either, otherwise, rather than hinder the improvement of many countries, and help Continuous Improvement, are like a machine Prevent.
Certainly there are crimes of every variety, but the national and international, that oppress, that cause hunger, who had the means to murder against Humanity, For Genocide, Terror Political, Economic Terror, Terror weapons, The Purchase of Other Countries wills, etc.They are guidelines that Dyslexia.
Only calls on citizens around the world to understand that governments will not change. But if we can do societies. If among all the inhabitants of the world is you, we think we are: People of Goodwill.
We can add that we can say that we can pray is no longer prayed, never heard, and it seems they never will. In short we are, ordinary citizens, we work with, help, much to heroics. Always giving. And that feeling of giving, not the usual powerful governments.
The feeling of giving is not done to be good or bad, even the most depraved moments of madness is virtuous.The stars only reflect the life that one has in life itself, which deposited a h a little in this short journey, for we can, and sometimes they leave us.I'm sorry I left in my many things, which hurt because I could not give them, for errors, not knowing, not power, because they have forsaken me, because I let not let me. Sometimes in the habituation, we relegate this vocation, to give the feeling, the word, faith, love. Sometimes also in the sound belief that we love, while we found that it was not love, that was just getting used to, and at that time it was us, we lost joys, feelings, purity, innocence, and worst of all is that we lost time, and this is so precious because it is not worth anything, but life is short and if we can not live, she crushes us without him tremble pulse. At this point in the state of things, and traveled so many years, sometimes we can be aware of what happened, and sometimes not, it depends only on the fact, that with some patience and intelligence, we can see the trace of the performed. Being able to see it is when life hurts, if sometimes life hurts. It's that rich taste bitter andvictories and defeats, and they all together were shaping our being, every moment spent.But today we can become aware of this is that we still live, feel, love, and if this is so, we still have time to give something to someone, and at the right time can be made. To make us feel and say what is needed. BALANCE. PEACE

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