domingo, 18 de marzo de 2012

OPEN LETTER TO MY SON (For the world we touch)

Dear Son:
Life is not developed as we would like, too many events beyond our control, we make, we are conditioned, we impoverish or enrich our spirit. Since kids, and without you or anyone you come into the world order, the parents brought, for the love of life, in my case.
As we grow, and being men, there are always loopholes in the past, but is this the time or the time to be heroes. An important book, said that if a thought Heroic, was alone in thought, the hero does not exist, but if the thought is brought to reality, (and here I add something) is when you see the hero, but two heroes, one which materialized the way, I try another one is the hero to society and one for yourself, for the simple and wonderful fact of having the courage to try.
The successes and failures are part of the game of truth or falsehood of this society, one encourages and strengthens, and one more sad, it seems to leave us with a great depression, and that's where the hero must appear anonymous, that person who analyzed the defeat, discover the errors and start again. Like the movie, so we fall?: To learn how to get up.
Also according to where we happened to be born, societies teach us ways that are different from others, and many people envy the most advanced, reaching the point where many migrate. The truth is that with patience and preparation that is where we need to know or attempt to discover where we stand. And you'll discover, you can not against a regime that will be almost impossible to change the world. Your thoughts healthy and idealistic, I had many and many gave their lives for them, which is for us humble people of this planet, shocked in the war, hunger, theft, oppression, slavery.
You know well that I am man without political party, I'm not left or right, but surely, my thoughts, and actions with a match, at least in parts written, which in practice: With Nothing.
Missing your mother for a divorce I never dreamed, I took charge of the three, many said. Was an act of greatness, because most parents, but give them tenure, they leave their children to her ex, to take a free life.In my case I was left with three little ones by an act of greatness, I did it only for love, and do it again.
Now with your age, you must also understand that the discussions we've had, that I spend talking about Greece, or Spain or Italy, and because of our country. The issue is that with the expectation that these countries can overcome international onslaught, here in Argentina, we might have hope, despite everything, absolutely everything, not ours. Note that in Greece, they close the numbers, but not for the Greek people, but for the powerful, and shall ensure that their fists for many years.Closed for a little while I of Greece, at 48 hours redoubled tightening against Spain, so much so that here in our country, what a coincidence, I want to get oil concessions by force, without any justice before all the force . These events are the same who learned local businesses, local merchants, local professionals, then tack on this, the increasingly violent robberies, mur born that border as by custom, a policy that seems to respond back to countries foreigners, just to see what develops again on our South America, a common policy.Look at Brazil, a country strong, with great patriotism in his town, with great economic, military and well equipped and prepared, to see that now they want to deal with these people, gives us the signal that someone is on more.
But this I say, that alienation, we did lose the value of family, love, peace. We have taken the beauty of this town of ours, so wonderful, full of great people, like so many others.In this sort of premature Anarchy, you have the unsung hero strength to keep going. Keep in mind, we live a few years, though they seem many, this is very short. So I would legarte, so I think it best I could achieve in life: love and support to anyone who can. Because I can tell you without knowing, in these 7,000 million residents, surely there are millions who just want the same as us: PEACE
Be sure to live and fight with your healthy and honest convictions, and if it somehow gets us out of life, no matter, we will die as Herrnann said Hesse, die Received from Man.

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  1. Es muy interesante toda información de denuncia,un placer leerte,un abrazo.J.R.

    1. Estimado Santana Vazquez: Mas que denuncias, son ya gritos de paz, amor, de proteger lo que sostienen al mundo: La Familia, apoyarnos entre los 7.000 millones de vecinos. Y si entre todo eso hay denuncias, más que denuncias son las realidades que me parece ver en mi pobre lectura de los acontecimientos. Saludos. Rubén


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