lunes, 7 de mayo de 2012


Not only is there chaos in ómico econ and financial world, but also in the geopolitical.This world will increasingly multipolar conflicts between countries, and decades ahead will be worse. The powers are changing their places of positions and are leaving out many of its members and others are dropping out of hand.
The globalization that started mainly by the U.S. (60 years), now with a very large interference in the world, not to lose his place, let alone its currency no longer be the reference.But in turn, we see that the new Cold War between the United States, Russia and China, is becoming atrocious.The U.S. refusal to federalize the world makes everything more difficult. Fortunately, for now the war is economic, and only in military tactics, and thus continue taking everything. With new technologies which have, it could make a good program, treatment and distribution of wealth in the world in balance, but these four or five, they will not want.
United States accelerated its steps to impose their ways of integrating the world. But on the other hand, the other powers are rising in the search for resources such as oil, gas, and food, plus minerals, water and other strategic commodities.
We like the nineteenth century, colonization, a race between Britain, Germany and France to obtain new resources and following the old strategy, no matter at what cost. Their situations are horrible, what they could do is the Great European Power, and this will cost them dear to the impoverished world and of Europe itself. Europe remains an area of U.S. and NATO, have the force to the borders of Russia.On the other hand Germany is carrying on the European road course, achieving economically, as some say, he could not with war. It will be like?.  But if true that is leading others in the face. He looked, they could not do their homework.
The Arabs are being divided by these actors and fortified with Israel, militarily, and probably prefer to have more terrorism than countries with nuclear capability. And with this division, will the juicy business of its resources. As well as in Latin America, and Asia, where we see too many movements that are clearly not their places of origin. But this new design are commanding the seizure.
This new colonialism, and affects not only third world countries, but also their own partners in Europe, where a large majority will be subordinate to the management of these Great.The poor and new poor in rich Europe, together with other countries, whether in America, Asia, Middle East, will make clear that many will not accept this situation, and others surely applaud. And that is why we can envision many problems between countries.
Saddest of all is that these situations are only the movement of large and powerful groups, rather than the choice of world citizens. But these citizens of the world, are the most expensive are going to pay, because they must produce the wealth that few want. The number of citizens of the world that He died for the new system in recent years, exceeds the sum of world wars and crusades, only naming, the homeless, the suicides, deaths from starvation, accidents bad traffic routes, falls by its small businesses, drugs, violence, and many more facts. Have left millions on the road, and will happen, because it's happening. Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Holland, and other poorest in Europe, are now more than before, the reality of being crushed, but should remember that they also did in the past, it's time to realize ALREADY UNDER DISGUISED DICTATORSHIPS, OR THE EDGE OF THEM, so if in Latin America there is already determined by some domain powers among the new poor in Europe and Latin America, is a hope of a new opposition, for a better deal.
But for that, I see on the horizon, no leader worthy of such a feat.
Therefore, this new colonization, has high success rates.

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