jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2011


It's a long process of forming, we conceive, sometimes love, sometimes by accident, but we are conceived.At that time the cells begin their work of building a new life, we.That is the rough diamond that nature starts working for us what we are, but if we do our thing on the part of parents and then for us and our societies together, that life comes to light when may have problems.Then life goes on working, in body and mind, intellectual, physical education, moral formation, we are making together with the society in which we live, the man and woman that we will someday.
That Diamond in training to be carving, may have defects or be perfect, sometimes fixable, sometimes longer. In general, arrangements and we always have time for corrections, even if it means losing a part in the polishing of repair, but if we can do that mind losing a little weight, a little value if the value added in final polishing of arrangement, we will do a better diamond.
We understand that while the Diamond is the hardest mineral, we agree that the living creatures as we, but only in mind and spirit, not body, which is very fragile and silly as any bump or accident can cause death.That is why if we are strong, we must be in the whole of what it means to be a human diamond.That understanding is lifelong, and sometimes if we have completed all faceted. Sometimes because it could not, did not know, do not let us.In any case in any state that is valuable, therefore, that each one is unique andunrepeatable.Because they keep working, so take a lifetime, until the time of polishing, immaculate then the final work, the time that maybe can be done until the last breath of life, then, is where will we know if something we could do well.
That is the question (Hamlet, Shakespeare)   in the vulgar use of this phrase, we have the determination, strength and will of Being. WHAT WE SHOULD BE.: HUMAN TRUTH

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