miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2011



Today, many things we know that international newspapers from long ago, speaking with great freedom, as well as modern historians, that nothing is saved. Either way, there are things in each state, which of course are state secrets, and of course, the public should not know, so are state secrets, which is not in dispute.
We saw and a few words that can touch on many issues, not elaborate much, but otherwise, would require a multi-volume book, to talk about what happens to us.
We talked about the lack of rest for much of the human population by the Puppetry and Sepoy in the world, we talk about the lack of distribution, mismanagement of capitalist democracies and misapplied. Also from the UN, which criticizes many countries lie in their indexes, but they also do in the world, more than one billion hungry.
With regard to the West, and we publicly brazen faced with this crisis, to my understanding, compounded by the new position of France and Germany, which will end up kneeling to several of Europe itself.
But we hear little of East and Asia, places where large as Russia, China, Japan, India, probably are in contact, but only act, they will also be part of those who pay for the wedding this duck.
Statistics say something interesting in an item such as the WTO (World Tourism Organization), n 2010, there were 600 million tourists in the world, I will not add internally in each country, but suppose you are about 200,000,000 more . We also see that in big cities or tourist centers, big parties filled with people of all ages, having fun. We (Regardless of employers) that many professionals or skilled workers, have a good life.OK. This is not bad, if you earned it, enjoy it, because they deserve it.
But all this band and many more, do not reach even half of the world's population. Not even close. The societies of the First World, with its great discrimination, are taught to not care about the rest of the world, nay, let them enter their countries to work in which they have no interest, such as cleaning a bathroom or sweeping the street, if it should be, the third and fourth and fifth world, not just give their countries for their wealth, but modern enslave him, and when they please, are deported. Well, this is the case, we have all been pushed more or less, in each region, we cornered uswith customs that we made ​​flesh.And like lambs respond to this, I oppose, I will not be coder, not Fox, I just want a fair world democracy. L In these big four Puppets, and The C iPay, have no place in our hearts, because we were robbed and betrayed much.Puppet Lords, and even in their countries there is poverty.Today I was ashamed to see the statements and the embrace of Merkel and Sarkozy, presenting a plan that will put many Europeans knees, sad also from Italy (with the exception of Italy DECREE, poor Italian, sell), kneeling in this way . But I insist that behind all this, the worse they will pay the third to fifth world because there of will draw the riches that are missing. (Because it will go to large Banks and Corporation, sa invest their huge profits in more production)
They always say that empires are born, grow and die, that everyone has a cycle. Today is not going to be true, with the great power of many empires of this world, if one must die, mean the death of the entire planet. So I repeat the latter, the former wrote
{Men and Women of the world's democracies must be wearing the pants, in order to stop the debauchery, of systematic theft, all men of goodwill who inhabit this planet.

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