lunes, 23 de enero de 2012


Sorry to my friends in France, England, USA, Italy, Russia, India, and many more. I only speak of the governments who lie to them, and us, with the difference, up to impoverish usincreasingly taking everything.

The candidate, Francois Hollande, said Sarkozy does not compete with he, says that competes with the economic powers that drive everything, and that Sarkozy, just passing through.
What he meant:
1.        Captain, return to the ship and take charge,FUCK
2.        I do not want to be a puppet like you
3.        I will negotiate for better management
No doubt Satkozy Nicolas is wrong a lot, and also to its environment.In view of the election, will that happen, it happens down the dictator of Libya, which they left themselves with others for over 30 years, and knowing what it was, but a large amount of money, managed the wealth of Libya.Now it fell to him and his surroundings, and killed him. There will be saying the secrets that nobody should know. The Libyans, unfortunately, without the help of delivery of weapons and air strikes could not have overthrown him. Meanwhile, it was a bloody smokescreen to cover up their problems. Now continue with Syria and with Iran stronger. Just a note: If there are so many money problems: Where do they get FUNDS TO CARRY FORWARD THE ABOVE?
Cameron in its own way, will not have to go back to the boat, dammit. This man, now you want to do, to conceal their problems.Fill the day with the problems of the South Atlantic Falkland Islands, against a country that if we attack, we only have bows and arrows.In Argentina there are many problems, but society does not have racial issues, religious, or global. Only economic, as anyone. This man just wants to do the great Margaret Thatcher, when very unpopular, bought wills, and being an incredible power, killed, an army lacking in the South Atlantic.And the worst is that it could make the military establishment, which prohibit NATO in the South Atlantic.
From now insist that the population f rancesa or English or American, have nothing to do.It is only the powers that manage the Presidents powers covered by very large, and lies hidden with all their people.
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